Adrian Negenborn

Adrian’s paintings seem to capture a coalescing moment between physical and emotional space. With reverence for the mid-century painter, this series of paintings playfully challenges the conventions of gestural abstraction as brushstrokes transcend painterly mark making and take on an undeniable sense of objecthood and spatial presence. The apparent ease with which Adrian moves paint leaves the viewer to marvel at the power of gesture while we witness the forming of an experience in a single stroke.

The meaning of the paintings is in their making.  Adrian’s process is characterized by excavation.  In the artist‘s words, “Oscillating from visceral to analytic, spontaneous to mediated, I respond to the initial flurry of marks laid on the canvas. I am always trying to make something from nothing, to give meaning to that which is meaningless. I never fully know when a painting is done until it feels right; it reaches an in-between state somewhere amidst harmony and disharmony.”

Adrian received his MFA from Mass Collage of Art and Design in 2010. He lives and works in the Boston area.