Catherine Kernan

Catherine Kernan is a master of the woodcut monoprint.  Her process yields entirely unique works that reject the repetitious tenets of traditional printmaking and embrace the unpredictability and “controlled accident” that most print makers try to chase from their medium.  In Kernan’s studio lies an ever-growing library of carved printing blocks, each one a graphic composition distilled to its essential forms.  While printmaking, Kernan stacks layer upon layer of ink, building rich surfaces from translucent, natural forms that coalesce somewhere in the space between painting and printmaking.  The fluidity of her process matches perfectly with the fluidity of her subject matter, which invites the viewer to the water’s edge where light and form dance with the vibrancy of life in motion. 

Catherine Kernan is co-owner and director of Mixit Print Studio in Somerville, Massachusetts. She received her BFA from Cooper Union and her MFA from the University of Wisconsin / Madison. The recipient of numerous grants, Kernan has exhibited her work widely and is an experienced and dedicated teacher. Her artwork is included in many public, private and corporate collections.