Felipe Lopez is an artist with a complex relationship with the water.  A life spent fishing brings with it a sense that water is source of life, that it provides.  As a long time resident of Houston, TX, Felipe knows all to well the equal and opposite truth that water can also be a powerful and destructive monster.

Tying fishing flies serves as a form of Catharsis for the artist.  The flies themselves symbolize and embody the ultimate mash up of form and function.  When done right, the fish is helpless to resist such flamboyant beauty.  Even as an artist Felipe is still the fisherman.  His sculptures lure us close with piqued interest and curiosity.  And we do get hooked.  When we bite we get much more than delicate vignettes suspended elegantly in resin filled bulbs.  There’s a tension in the work that comes also from struggle: Families working for a better life, Man vs Nature, Predator vs. Prey, class warfare and social strife.