Two Chances in September to Visit Asterisk


Matt Neuman

A solo exhibit at the Houston Fine Art Fair, Sept 18- 21

Continuing to use the circle as a compositional building block, Neuman presents a brand new group of works on paper that challenge the conventional understanding of what is possible in print making.  In these large-scale woodcut prints, Neuman uses geometry as a delivery vehicle for color to provide a visual experience at the intersection of Cartesian and non-Euclidian space. The resulting works challenge viewers’ assumptions about the nature of space and lead them to examine the role that abstraction plays in providing a visual analogue to more fundamental spatial realities.



Asterisk is back in NYC for the fall edition of the Affordable Art Fair! 

We're excited to present a couple of new artists making their Asterisk Projects debuts.  Catherine Kernan is a talented printmaker out of Boston whose unorthodox woodcut process stacks layers of translucent, natural forms that coalesce in a very unique and painterly manner.  Jonathan Pozniak will be showing photographs from the Antarctic.  In this body of work he approaches icebergs and other arctic forms much like a portrait photographer, creating dramatic imagery that adds a powerful sense of mood to the striking natural beauty.  Come see these artists along side Asterisk staples later this month.

Come and visit us September 25-29 at "The Tunnel", 269 11th Ave, NY, NY
Visit the AAF website for more visitor information.

Want to come for free?  All you have to do is say so!  Send us an email letting us know you'd like to attend and we will email you back with a ticket (available on a first come first serve basis).

Jonathan Pozniak

Jonathan Pozniak

From left to right:  Matt Neuman, Daniel Herr, Catherin Kernan