Zach Horn

Zach’s work tends to defy generalization; oscillating between periods of representation and abstraction.  Whether the subject be awe inspiring landscape, gritty abstraction or a near forgotten moment, there is always technical mastery and a fluid exchange of thought and action at the epicenter of Zach’s practice. 

In his most recent body of work, Zach explores his subconscious with a series of graphite drawings that are both intimate and evocative. His use of complex spatial conventions and feather soft touch allow these works to hover between dream-scape and some unfortunate reality that somehow still resonates with the viewer in the form of personal nostalgia.

In 2004 Zach received a BA in fine arts from University of Pennsylvania followed in 2011 by an MFA in painting from Boston University.

Zach holds an adjunct professorship at UMass Boston where he teaches painting and drawing.